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i havent shaved my legs in a really long time and while i was babysitting my skirt edged up a bit and the seven year old i was watching said “ew you should shave that hairs not supposed to be there” and i said “well if its not supposed to be there then why does it grow there?” and he was really silent for a long time and then finally said “lets watch sonic the hedgehog”


So I saw The Fray live last night and I physically can’t describe how amazing it was. I heard The Fray for the first time when I was about 9 years old (I’m 18) and I remember the exact moment bc I was at camp and I was like hiking or something with one of the camp counselors and she had one of her headphones and in and I was like “hey what are you listening to?” She handed me her headphone and Over My Head was playing. As a nine year old I was like cool this is nice good song awesome. I remember some time passed and I heard the song again and actually payed attention and was like holy shit this is REALLY GOOD and I then proceeded to memorize the lyrics to the entire song. Ever since then I would get grossly happy whenever I heard any Fray song (How to Save a Life, Never Say Never etc.) Fast forward to my senior year of high school. I was sad 97% of the time and the only fucking thing that got me through it was when I’d go on awful crying jags and blast You Found Me over and over again. This sounds stupid but that song saved my freaking life. 3 months later I found out that The Fray was coming to my city and I was a little reluctant about going because I was afraid of that my emotions would get the best of me and I would end up sobbing on the floor while whimpering the lyrics to songs. Finally I was like u know what fuck it I’m gonna go and I’m gonna hold my shit together and see one of my FAVORITE BANDS OF ALL TIME LIVE. So by then I had about 2 more months of waiting and I was fucking AMPTED. Finally the day came and I was there. Front row for The Fray. When I tell you that seeing You Found Me performed in real life changed my fucking life I’m not kidding. I kept it together pretty well and just tried to enjoy myself ya know bc it’s not every day you get to see your fav band from so up close. So they performed about 21 songs and were SO GOOD like incredibly good. The show ended and I was overall really happy with the experience and was completely good with going home and chillin but I was like hey ya know what let me go back by the tour buses and who knows maybe we’ll see them. So I went back there and there were a few other people but not nearly enough that they would call us a hazard and refuse to come by and say hi. So I was feeling pretty confident that maybe we’d get a quick hello. Finally lead guitarist Dave Welsh came out and everyone stayed super calm so he came down t us and started taking pictures and signing stuff and literally holding full on conversations with everyone. When he came over to me I was pretty chill and just told him that he was incredible and that I really loved them and stuff. He smiled really cute, signed my ticket, took a picture and hugged me before he moved on to the rest. Then came out guitarist Joe King. He also took some time to talk and take pictures with EVERYONE like literally not one person didn’t get a picture. He came over to us and I was like hey can we get a pic and he was like OF COURSE and so he came over and posed or whatever and I was like wait no my hair so I literally I kid you not did a full hair flip and flipped it on to the other side and he literally guffawed and was like are you ready now? And I was like yes lmao we took our pic and THEN. Lead singer Isaac Slade came out with some bags and and went to the tour bus and I was like no wait pls I have to tell you you saved my life don’t leave!!!! So some kid was like hey wait and he was like nah don’t worry I’ll be right there! So I then started internally spazzing and was like alright hold it together Candy stay caLM. So at this point their security was getting kinda annoyed that they were taking so long to get on the bus but they WOULD NOT STOP TAKING PICTURES AND TALKING TO EVERYONE. Finally the security guard screamed at Isaac to get on the bus and I was like wait pls!! I went up to him and I was like can I just tell you that you freaking saved my life. I told him about the whole existential crises I go through and how I legit would not have survived without them. And (normally I call bullshit on stories like these when I hear about them but I’m not fucking kidding) he just kept staring at me like he was looking deep into my soul and I was a little confused bc he wasn’t talking and I was starting to ramble and so I was like dude I’m not kidding. And he was like “I believe you” and went in for a HUGE hug. I almost lost it then and there but I kept it together and thanked him profusely. He thanked me too although I don’t know for what. We took a picture and he then left and I was reduced to literally nothing. So the point of this grossly long post is that I’ve met a lot of people. Celebrity wise and this is kind of shitty to say but nothing even comes close to comparing to how GENUINELY kind these people were. Anyone else I’ve met I’m sorry but just put on a fake ass smile are really cute to you for 8 seconds then leave. (5SOS didn’t even smile for my picture, all the rappers are just nice for during the picture and then leave without saying bye and others just use the excuse that security is rushing them) The Fray was just. Honest to god the kindest band I’ve ever met. So yeah I had nowhere else to say this so sorry for all this I just have a lot of feelings

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